Nautilus® 2ST™ Abdominal

The 2ST™ Abdominal machine, a true abdominal crunch machine, provides direct work for the entire abdominal region.

Product Info

  • Patented moving axis of rotation technology automatically adjusts to the body's changing rotation for optimum positioning
  • Full-range exercise of rectus abdominis isolation
  • Positive stabilization of upper torso eliminates static involvement of lumbar erectors
  • Complex joint movements are duplicated through the use of a four-bar linkage mechanism providing greater motion control and a decrease in joint pressure

Product Specs

Dimensions Height 61"/155 cm
  Length 44"/112 cm
  Width 41"/104 cm
  Machine Weight 600 lbs/273 kg
  Weight Stack 250 lbs/113 kg

Color & Warranty

Warranty Information
All Nautilus 2ST™ machines are covered by the following warranty to the original owner:
  • Twelve years - Frames, welded moving parts and weight stacks.
  • Three years - For any moving part or parts under normal use and service not otherwise disclosed in this warranty.
  • One year - Labor warranty.
  • Six months - Upholstery, pads, grips, and tethered weight stack pins.

Color Information
Frame Colors: Arctic White, Black, Power House Granite Gray, Silver, Nautilus Silver
Shield Colors: Arctic White, Light Gray
Upholstery Colors: Azure Blue, Royal Blue, Jade Green, Grotto Green, Turquoise, Plum, Candy Apple Red, Raspberry, Crocus, Charcoal Gray, Black, Dove Gray

Note: Custom colors are available upon request. Color swatch samples are available from your Nautilus dealer.

About Nautilus® 2ST™

Based on our legendary, ongoing research into physiology, anatomy and biomechanics, the Nautilus 2ST™ series targets specific muscles. Each machine is designed with smooth, friction-free mechanisms and improved cam designs, providing the user with smoother-feeling movements in both the positive and negative phases of each exercise. You can count on Nautilus to engineer safe, efficient and functional equipment. The 2ST™ line features include Super Smooth technology, featuring friction-free bearings with Kevlar® belts, Teflon® guide rod bushings, converging axis movements and our unique, patented four-bar linkage mechanism for compound joint movements. Other features include easy-to-access weight stacks (1 lb. increments), hydraulically controlled, quick-set seat adjustments and tethered magnetic selector pins. Key features of Nautilus 2ST™ fitness equipment are:
  • Gas-assisted seat & back pad adjustments (select models) make for smooth position changes and user individualization.
  • One-pound incremendtal weight adjustments permit rational resistance selections for various user types and conditions.
  • 2ST™ equipment is aesthetically pleasing and functional, with belt-drive systems that compliment independent, converging movement-arms for a wide range of upper body exercises and optional Range of Motion mechanism for specialized markets.