Nautilus Nitro® Bicep Curl

For a great upper arm workout, the Nautilus Nitro® Bicep Curl uses Nautilus® cam technology that varies resistance in accordance with the user's strength curve. The Nautilus Nitro® Bicep Curl offers a challenging workout and maximum fitness results while using less of your valuable floor space.

Nitro-BC Info

  • Independent movement arms for a balanced workout
  • Adjustable back pad providing precision axis alignment
  • Supinated pivoting handles for varying forearm lengths and comfort
  • Compound position biceps design places the arm in a raised position for full bicep contraction

Nitro-BC Specs

Dimensions Height 57"/145 cm
  Length 41"/109 cm
  Width 45"/114 cm
  Machine Weight 478 lbs/217 kg
  Weight Stack 170 lbs/77 kg

Color & Warranty

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Color Information
Frame Colors: Select Color Tool Above
Shield Colors: Select Color Tool Above
Upholstery Colors:  Select Color Tool Above
Note: Custom colors are available upon request. Color swatch samples are available from your Nautilus GSA rep

Warranty Information
All Nautilus Nitro™ machines are covered by the following warranty to the original owner:
  • Twelve years - Frames, welded moving parts and weight stacks.
  • Three years - For any moving part or parts under normal use and service not otherwise disclosed in this warranty.
  • One year - Labor warranty.
  • Six months - Upholstery, pads, grips, and tethered weight stack pins.

About Nitro®

Explosive workout in an affordable package
Nautilus Nitro® features include super smooth belt drives, comfortable traditional seat pads, patented four-bar linkage, classic full-range variable resistance cams and converging axis movements. Each Nautilus Nitro® machine features 2" x 4" steel frames for maximum durability, and a user-friendly, seat-accessible, partially shielded weight stack in 5-lb increments to allow users to change resistance quickly and conveniently. The EZ-Glide™ seat adjustments on all Nautilus Nitro® equipment quickly adapt to a variety of sizes, abilities and exercise movements. The bright yellow adjustment indicators allow for safe and easy identification by all users.

Key features of Nautilus Nitro® fitness equipment:
  • User-friendly, seat-accessible weight stack feature 5-lb increments and allow users to change resistance quickly and conveniently.
  • "Ergo-Grip" rotating handles and EZ-Glide™ seats enable the user to adapt the equipment to their workout - not their workout to the equipment.
  • Converging/diverging movement arms permit unparalleled exercise efficiency and safety.